S4E02 Andor

The Kingsmen enter into the morally gray world of Star Wars: Andor. Though it occurs in a galaxy far, far away, it is strikingly similar to our own world here. Join us as we draw out some Christian and religious insights on oppression, evil, hope, humanity, ritual, sacrifice, and love.

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00:00:28Andor is a Stupid Show, Right?
00:01:12Who Cares about a Nobody?
00:01:44The Rebellion from the Ground
00:02:42Identifying with the Oppressed
00:03:45Everyday Evil
00:08:50Evil as a Manifestation of Empire
00:10:51Imperial Tolerance of Cultural Heritage
00:14:31Exterminating Germs, Not Human Beings
00:16:40Giving Up Freedoms for Security
00:18:52Comfort Stations
00:21:19Jesus’ Temptation to Feed Himself
00:22:17Something Worth Living and Dying For
00:25:23Different Soils, Different Fruits
00:27:09Keeping Hope Alive
00:28:50True Vision is Love
00:30:35Conforming to the Empire’s Image
00:32:43On Becoming Less or More Human
00:34:05Evil Breaks Down, Love Builds Up
00:35:40True Christianity is Not Abusive
00:36:31The Power of Rituals
00:38:08Andor as a Chiasm
00:42:04Rituals Inform Identity
00:45:59Models of Sacrifice
00:47:50Rituals of Selfishness and Selflessness
00:51:35Maarva’s Foundation of Love
00:52:59Luthen’s Foundation of Anger
00:54:43A Morally Gray Star Wars
00:55:01Sacrificing Out of Love vs Hate
00:57:02Maarva and Luthen Share Ends, But Not Means
00:58:31Can Evil Be Used to Defeat Evil?
01:00:22The Nonviolence of Jiu-Jitsu
01:02:16Whose Method is Superior, Maarva’s or Luthen’s?

S2E05 Mandalorian

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Baby Yoda is the best!

In S2E05, the Kingsmen unpack the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian (Season 1). How does the Mandalorian culture and creed sync with Christianity? In what ways do Kuiil the Ugnaught and Baby Yoda reflect the figure of Jesus Christ? How can we revolutionize a world marked by betrayal? Listen in on Joey and Simon’s conversation. Don’t miss it. We have spoken!


00:01:08War of Mandalore and Peace of Christianity
00:13:50Kuiil: A Kenotic Christ Figure
00:17:12IG-11: Resurrection and Transformation
00:24:28Baby Yoda: Another Christ Figure
00:27:12Understanding the Mudhorn Pit
00:33:43The Powerful God Incarnated in Weak Flesh
00:41:12Trust Overcomes Betrayal
01:03:15Let Go of Prejudices and Learn to Trust
01:07:18The Vacuum of Fallen Empire

S2E04 Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

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In S2E04, The Kingsmen pay homage to the finale of the 49-year Star Wars saga, with Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

Joey and Simon reflect on how culture re-imagines mythology, how identity is formed, and the way to defeat evil without becoming evil yourself, and how God subtly works throughout the universe to rescue every creature.

The Force is strong with this one!


00:00:42Kylo Ren’s Mask and the Art of Kintsugi
00:05:05Re-Telling & Re-Imagining of the Skywalker Myth
00:07:33Redeeming Skywalkers
00:16:28Our Opinion of Others Influences their Identity
00:25:56Resolving Identity Crisis and Overcoming Loneliness
00:44:35Overcoming Cosmic, Ultimate Evil
00:57:04Climbing out of the Pit
01:02:37The False Security of Invulnerability and Power
01:09:36Confronting Evil in Trinitarian Partnership
01:19:02Acceptance and Transformation
01:25:46The Universal Activity of the Holy Spirit